The Best Hair Colour Techniques for Women

 Whether you are young, old or somewhere in-between, hair dyeing is as much about staying young as it is about making a fashion statement – and the bolder the better!

When it comes to hair colour and dyeing techniques; the world is our oyster! The different shades, tones and the varieties we have to choose from, will make any “baldie” turn green with envy – from red-brown, rich cherry red, strawberry blonde ombre to platinum blonde with purple roots – the choice is yours!

So how do we get these gorgeous eye-catching looks without ending up with results that make you want to hide under the duvet for days on-end or worst still, become bald?

To Dye or Not to Dye

First things first, it goes without saying that you should consider your hair texture before dyeing and always choose a hair colour that compliments your skin, complexion and facial features. The next decision to make is whether to have a permanent hair dye or non-permanent hair dye. 

Permanent Hair Dye

This is when the dye contains chemicals such as ammonia and peroxide which chemically change the colour of your hair for good i.e. washing the hair will not change the colour.  The hair will have to grow out to be restored to its natural colour. The advantage of this is that the dye will last longer but at the same time, the chemicals are harsher on the hair and consequently can damage the hair if you do not have a well thought out hair beauty routine.

Non-Permanent Hair Dye

The dye does not contain any chemicals, so the hair is not chemically altered. The hair should gradually resort back to its natural hair colour after each wash and will generally last at least 6 weeks.  The advantage is that is kinder to your hair but does not last as long as permanent dye.

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Hair Colour Techniques

Once you’ve  decided on what hair colour dye to use and whether to have a permanent or non-permanent dye, the next step is to consider the different types of hair colour techniques that are available.  There are so many options but here are a few to get your grey hair, I mean grey matter going!

One-Tone Hair Colour

This is a single process hair colour technique which means you apply one colour to your hair. It is referred to as tone-on-tone colouring when it preserves your natural hair colour. This technique is usually used to cover up grew and white hairs. Or it could be a different colour to your natural hair.  Either way, one colour is used.


This is when strands of hair are lightened; not the whole head of hair, thereby highlighting your natural hair colour by making it appear brighter against the lighter strands of dyed hair. This can be done using the free-hand or foil techniques. Highlights do what it says on the tin – highlights your features as well as your natural hair colour and is Ideal for slimming down your face.


 The opposite of highlights; it is a hair technique that enhances the natural hair colour by dying  strands of hair a darker shade creating a contrast between the natural hair and the darker streaks of hair. Lowlights add dimension to your overall look.

Two toned

This technique is when 2 shades are used – a base shade and another colour to lightened, darken or enrich the rest of the hair.


 In this hair dyeing technique, the hair is dyed darker at the crown and gets lighter and lighter towards the tips. The downside of this is that the hair has to be bleached several times to get the gradual faded and subtle lighter appearance, which could cause damage to the hair in the long term if not properly cared for. 


A softer version of ombre. Hair contrast between crown and tips is less gradual as the darker shades at the base subtly blends into the colour at the tips as the two colours merge into one, seamlessly.


 Similar to the highlights but instead of using the foil technique, hands are used to colour small sections of the hair using vertical strokes creating a “swept through”  look hence the meaning “to sweep or paint” in French. It’s ideal for covering grey or white hair  as it involves mixing of different shades of colour.

Your Crowning Glory

Hair colour and dyeing today is like a kid in a candy store – bright and bold colours to choose from with a salon load of hair dyeing techniques to help you make that choice so go out there – be bold, make that statement – wear it, own it! After all, your hair is your crowning glory!

Remember, hair colouring is just the beginning.  Looking after your hair by conditioning and hair treatment on a regular basis as part of your beauty regime, will ensure your hair colour stays vibrant and full of life!