Lisaplex Colour Accelerator

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30ml Bottle With Dropper

Slashes the processing time for all shades of permanent colour! Now you can process the majority of colour brands IN ONLY 10-15 MINUTES (High-Lifts 20-25 Minutes). Click on the Processing Times graphic shown on this page for guidance. 

  • Unique formula speeds up colour absorption, so dramatically reduces processing times
  • Ideal for use with both ammonia and non-ammonia colours
  • Colour results and grey coverage are unchanged
  • Mixes with most proprietary colour brands
  • Formulated with Lisaplex to to provide nourishment, restructuring of the hair bonds and protection from split ends, frizz and UV

For all colours, just add 10 drops of Color Accelerator to 50ml of permanent colour, mix thoroughly, then add your choice of developer as normal. 

Product description

LISAPLEX Accelerator Colour - It is the ideal solution for reducing colour service time with ammonia and without ammonia, with excellent grey coverage. It is composed of a blend of vegetable oils (argan oil, peach oil, apricot oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil and grape seed oil) with emollient properties, antioxidants and nutrients. Main active ingredients: Argan Oil: obtained through cold pressed from the seeds of the argan plant, the oil has a high content of active ingredients giving it a unique profile that makes it valuable in hair care. Deeply nourishes hair and adds extra shine. Peach Oil: extracted from the core of the peach fruit through a cold pressing process. It is particularly rich in vitamins of group A and E as well as essential fatty acids. Peach oil has special emollient, calming and moisturizing properties. Contrasts split ends, provides hydration and relieves irritation. Jojoba Oil is a desert shrub plant whose fruits contain one to three seeds. From them, you get a wax extract rich in vitamins of group E and B. Thanks to its ability to restore the health and vitality of the skin and hair, Jojoba Oil helps counteract the effects of time, restoring the body, volume and shine in dull, damaged and lifeless hair. Adds elasticity and deeply nourishes hair. Apricot Oil: is obtained from cold pressed fruit bone and is nourishing, emollient and regenerating. Contains vitamin E and vitamin A, phytosterols and triacylglycerols. Strengthens the hydrolipidic film, is a powerful regenerator, protects us from UV rays and gives an anti-aging effect to our hair. Sweet Almond Oil: emollient, softening, nourishing and calming Sweet almond oil is rich in protein.

Directions Add 10 drops of Lisaplex™ Color Accelerator per 50 grams of coloring cream + Developer, mix and apply to hair. Exposure time indicated in the table. For a more intense result extend the exposure time a few minutes. Clarify as usual.

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